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Features that made the cut before launch…

All the new things

You know what they say: Speak to your customers and ask them what they want. Well, this is precisely what we did. As a result, our team has been jam-packed, turning all your incredible insights, opinions and ideas into new features that we proudly present to you below…

(TLDR version… just log in? https://www.liffery.com/#login)

iOS and Android app

Yup, we did it. Liffery can also be installed as a mobile application on your phone of choice. This was the most asked question so far, and we are thrilled we could make this happen relatively quickly. The app functions the same as Liffery does in your browser, with the great advantage of being able to share things you find to Liffery. When you see something great on the internet that you want to remember for later, you can tap “Share to Liffery”.

The app works all the same as Liffery does in your browser, with the great advantage of being able to share stuff you find with Liffery. This means that when you now see something great on the internet that you want to remember for later, you can simply tap share in your browser or any app, and you will be able to select Liffery to share.

Heads up iOS users: Apple sometimes makes it a bit difficult to get into the app store, so while we wait for the App Store release, the official beta iOS release will remain available for download.

New Channel Chat 

We are very excited about this one: You can now communicate with people on your channels. This one came as a request from a couple of you guys, and we are super happy that we could make it happen.

Try it out and start a channel with one of your new connections on the platform and chat away. 

This is particularly useful for discussions around presents for family and friends, as you no longer have to spam your phone with back-and-forth messaging about Mum’s new pair of earrings for her birthday.

Location, location, location

This one is particularly exciting for all the travellers amongst you. You now can add a map location to any item posted on Liffery. Say you want to save a great restaurant or plan your next trip abroad. You will be able to save an item and later look at it on a map view.

We know things are still a bit iffy with the whole travelling situation, but what a great way to start planning your next get-away. We really really love this one and hope you will too. Of course, the map location is not only for travelling, if you want to map out some cool stores to visit in town, your favourite restaurants or even apartments and houses you are looking at – this is the way to do it.

Liffery Map View

Toggle view in channels

Liffery Comparison View

In case you have items in a channel for doing product research and want stuff to be easily comparable you can now toggle between card and list view and also map view if the items in your channel have locations attached to them.

With the different views, we just wanted to cater for all sorts of different use cases, which don’t always require seeing your posted items with the full picture in focus all the time.

Invite your friends

Liffery Invitations

And lastly.. a feature that jumped over from the pre-release stage and evolved… invitations.

To make it super easy for you to invite friends and family to Liffery we have personalised invitation codes. Head over to the main menu on your profile and under settings, you will find “Invitation codes”. The people you invite will automatically be connected to you on Liffery.

We’re so excited to see you guys make the platform busier and filled with special people and special items!

So, we’re out there now with all the features above to play with. The “pre-release” wall is down but, being the sensible team we are (based on quite some years of experience) we know there will likely be some more teething troubles down the road. So for now, we are just quietly going about our daily business 🙂 We expect to be talking louder and louder as the next months go by…