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The Liffery launch 290€ / £250 give-away game

Yes, you read that correctly. And no, this is not a scam, this is not a trick! We’ve been busy building for many months, and now we’re ready for this festive season. We would like to give 1 lucky person a Christmas gift they really want!

How To Play

  1. Join Liffery (if you haven’t already): https://www.liffery.com/#signup
  2. Join the Launch Give-Away channel on Liffery
  3. Think of something you want, anything from anywhere on the internet (up to 290€/£250), and post it to the channel.

That’s it! Now sit tight and wait for the draw on Christmas Eve; maybe cross your fingers for good luck?

For bonus tickets, read on…

Bonus Tickets

Liffery works best with your nearest and dearest connected with you on Liffery. Inviting them could not be easier; under your profile settings is a dedicated page for invitations; click on an invitation code and follow the on-screen prompts to use.

Each person invited to Liffery via your Liffery Invitation Codes (& who joins before Christmas Eve) gives you another ticket to play and boosts your items’ chances of winning when it comes to the Draw on Christmas Eve!

The Rules

  1. Each item added must be up to a maximum value of £250 or 290€.
  2. Everyone gets 1 free entry for joining Liffery, where 1 entry equals an item posted on the giveaway channel: https://www.liffery.com/channel/liffery.official/launchraffle-2021/.
  3. You get to post an additional item into the giveaway channel for each person you invite and who signs up to Liffery. A higher number of used invitations from your profile will increase your chance of winning the €250 giveaway.
  4. The winner will be selected at 18:00 (GMT) on 24th Dec. 2021.
  5. The winner will be contacted via email immediately after the draw.
  6. Any item added that is deemed NSFW will be removed.

Good luck?

How Invitations Increase Your Chances:

Firstly, each invite used awards you with another entry to the giveaway and just like any traditional raffle, the more tickets you have, the greater your chance of winning.

Secondly, each invitation adds a special boost value to each entry added. Your boost value starts at x1 and increases by 0.2 per item for each invitation used before the 24th Dec. 2021.

Want to know the detail on how that all looks… here are some examples to explain (but don’t worry, all you need to know is the more invitations used, the more chance to win):

  • For 0 invites used, you can add 1 item and your boost is x1.
  • For 1 invite used, you can add 2 items, and your boost for each item would be x1.2.
  • For 5 invites used, you can add 6 items, and your boost for each item would be x2.
  • For 10 invites used, you can add 11 items, and your boost for each item would be x3.
  • And so on… the entry count and boost value is only limited by the number of invitees who sign up, and there is no limit on your invitation codes; they automatically refill when you run out.

Each item will be added to the draw 10*Boost value to make the draw work. A boost value of 1 will have 10 entries per item added, whereas a boost value of 1.6 will have 16 entries per item added.

Don’t forget that you can add another item to the channel for each invitation used!