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The Liffery WooCommerce/ WordPress Plugin

At Liffery, we help shops stay relevant in consumers’ minds up until the point of purchase. We do this by simply working with the natural flow of decision-making.

The key is to have website visitors save your products for later consideration, as most people are not ready to make a decision there and then. Just because they don’t want to buy now doesn’t mean they don’t want to buy later…

The Liffery Woocommerce plugin enables users to save items from your store for later consideration, helping your products be considered for purchase when the person is ready to buy.

Liffery WordPress/ Woocommerce Plugin
What is the Liffery WooCommerce/ WordPress plugin for?

A Liffery for Business account gives access to the platform’s data related to your shop. The data insights help your company build accurate pictures about where your customers are expressing the most interest in and learn which other brands and shops are in your customer’s consideration sets… in other words, to help you better understand your competition.

Each business account at Liffery must be validated, ensuring the data you see belongs to you and, conversely, that your shops’ data is not shared with your competitors!

The official Liffery WordPress/ Woocommerce plugin is designed to automate this for you:

  1. Quickly verify your WordPress/ Woocommerce website URL with your new Liffery for Business account.
  2. Effortlessly install the Liffery Sidebar for you.
More information

For more information, look at the Liffery for Business page https://www.liffery.com/liffery/for-business.html.

For any Shopify store owners reading this… the Liffery App for Shopify is expected to be out in a few weeks. We’ll keep you posted!