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We spoke to lot of people…

We spoke to a lot of people and demo’d our baby little app with a working title, “orap”.

It was fragile and delicate with plenty of live wire hotfixes in the back end that you probably did not know about until now?

We threw new concepts in and ripped them out again within a few days… it was hectic but hugely rewarding! Some things we thought were great when designed on the trusty whiteboard and wire-framing tools, turned out to be a foreign language to some during this testing phase!

With a front end guru? in your team named Yanni anything is possible! We were able to take on board feedback from one interview session, make the required tweaks and release in time to be able to run micro? comparisons to fine-tune our discovery corridors.

What we found after speaking to all your beautiful faces, without giving too much of the game away, was that some of our base assumptions were confirmed:

  • The majority of people don’t mind adverts… they pay for the internet.
  • Folk don’t generally pay much attention to most adverts as they are not that relevant… some even claim to develop new eyes with built-in ad-blockers?
  • Almost everyone feels overwhelmed to some degree by the amount of noise out there, as a result, will typically (unless it is super important) forget most adverts.
  • Lastly, messaging apps like Whatsapp are the most common ways to share links to cool things but the links quickly get lost in a sea of messages.

We were delighted to see so many people sound almost revealed with our clean design and minimal app noise! We did hear you though… the location would be something cool for you as well as better pricing data on items and of course broader search capability!

Thank you all! We’ll be back later this year with hopefully a much-improved version.