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It’s time to get organised!

After a lot of people asked how they could get rid of old channels they no longer needed, we went to work on building into Liffery a feature to do exactly that, Channel Archiving!

With Channel Archiving you now have the ability to move old channels out of view and also stop items from being added to them.

There are a few ways to archive a channel, but here is a step by step for only 1 route…
  1. Navigate to a channel you would like to archive (you need to own the channel for this to work)
  2. Under the channel menu, click “Archive Channel” and follow the on-screen prompts.
After archiving a channel, what exactly happens?
  • The items in the channel will still be there & any items on people’s shopping lists won’t be affected.
  • Nobody will be able to add any more items to the channel and of course, the channel chat will no longer work.

If you archive a channel by mistake, you can still restore it to its former glory.

Under the new tab “Archived”, click restore on whichever channel you want to restore, and everything will be back to normal!