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A personal tour guide?

Liffery Tours

Introducing, “Take a Tour” on Liffery.

All new apps have 1 thing in common, they are all new and all generally come with their own way of doing things.

Learning an app’s navigation and features can be for some fun to explore, to click around and see what happens.

For others though, having a few signposts and guides can help speed up the process of navigating through the new feature and helpful tools the app has on offer.

Take a Tour on Liffery does what you might expect, it will offer you in-context guides on the current page you are on, inform you what the purpose of the main features are for and walk you through a few journeys.

Take a tour

Where to find your tour guide and what to expect

New people joining Liffery will now be greeted with a welcome tour, a series of prompts and information tips and tricks to help easily digest what Liffery is all about!

Each page on Liffery will eventually have its own tour and each will be accessible from the main menu within Liffery. At the launch of the Take a Tour feature we have started with the Dashboard and the Profile page.

Do you have an idea for any ideas for a tour that you think would be a nice addition? Get in touch on our contact page