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Pin your items!

The pinned items feature helps you to set some of your saved items apart from the rest. You can think of them as the VIP items you want to mark in a special way for whatever reason.

When doing online research, we typically start by gathering loads of items we are considering for purchase. Naturally, after a while, we narrow down our choices, so some items will become more relevant than others. This is a very natural flow in all of our decision-making journeys, so we wanted to facilitate this process by introducing pinned items into Liffery.

Pin it!
What are pins in Liffery?

To pin an item in Liffery means to mark an item with significant importance.

For example, you could be researching a new sofa for your home and have a channel with 25 different options. Your household might add a few comments and like a few.. but to highlight the favourite top 3 you can now use the pin item feature. Pinned items will be marked as such in the general channel view you already know and additionally the pinned items will appear in a new tab introduced into the channels for easy access.

Why pinned items?

One of our goals has always been to make the online shopping experience easier for users, giving them the space to explore and evaluate items they consider. With the pinned items feature we are here for you every step of the way: from the initial consideration over narrowed down options to items added to your shopping list in preparation for actually making the purchase.